Euro Junior Cup Team Championship

About the Championship

Formerly known as the World Junior Golf Cup, the Euro Junior Golf Cup was created in 1998 and is conducted on courses around the home of golf in St. Andrews, Scotland each August.  Popular among juniors across North America & Scotland, the Euro Junior Golf Cup provides junior golfers with an opportunity to re-visit golf's history and maybe make some of their own.  Three countries participate each year - Canada (Canadian Junior Golf Association), the United States (San Diego Junior Golf Association), and Scotland (Fife Golf Union).  The tournament takes on a unique format with the three teams competing in singles matches over three days to determine a winner for the John Clark Trophy.

Qualifying Events & Venues

The following events have been designated as qualifiers for the 2020 Euro Junior Golf Cup.

Format & Eligibility Criteria

Competition Format

  • Three-ball Match Play

Eligibility Requirements

Juniors who wish to qualify for CJGA Team Canada must meet the following criteria;

  1. Juniors must play in the designated qualifier for the competition.
  2. Juniors must meet the age requirement for the competition and compete in the proper age division at the time of qualifying.
  3. Juniors must be a full member and in good standing with the Canadian Junior Golf Association.
  4. Juniors who are selected to represent Canada must be either a Canadian Citizen or hold a permanent resident card
  5. Juniors must meet the scoring requirement for his/her age category - Junior Boys - 148

Selection Process

The CJGA Team Canada Selection Committee will determine the juniors who represent CJGA Team Canada by the following process;

  1. All results from the designated qualifiers are merged into one national field in each age category.
  2. Scores are then adjusted based on the difficulty of weather conditions, course conditions and course rating.
  3. The adjusted scores will then be sorted by committee.
  4. Juniors not in good standing or with serious code of conduct violations will be removed from the list.
  5. Juniors with the lowest adjusted scores in each age category will be selected to represent CJGA Team Canada
  6. Ties in the selection process will be decided by Section A of the CJGA Conditions of the Competition.

Note: The CJGA reserves the right to select team members outside of these qualifying requirements.


About CJGA

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